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This page is little more than a gratuitous excuse to show photos of fun places and hobbies, in no particular order.

Sites and Scenery
I'm biased toward sites near and around my hometown of Reno, Nevada.
Peterson Range, Nevada.
Christmas 08.
Mount Washington, NH.
Above Tuckerman Ravine, NH.
June 09.
Crystal Cascades, NH.
Near Pyramid Lake, Nevada.
Atacama Desert, Andean foothills, Chile.
Descending from Mt. Rose, above Tahoe.
Smith Lake, Lakes Basin region, northern Sierras.
Erin, Mount Rose meadows, Tahoe.
Just north of Reno, near my parents' house.
North of Reno.
Peterson Range, Nevada.
Mount Peavine, up the street from my parents' house.
Mount Peavine.
Galena Creek, Mount Rose, Nevada.
Hope Valley, Carson Pass region, California.
Hope Valley.
Looking south into Yosemite, from Mount Dana summit.
Holy Cross Wilderness, Colorado.
Abe, studying. Colorado Trail.
Searle Pass, Colorado.
View from Mount Elbert, Colorado.
On the trail to Longs Peak, Colorado.
Fern Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.
Jay and Erin, braving the cold, Mount Katahdin, Maine, February.
On Katahdin.
On South Early Winters Spire, North Cascades, Washington.
Erin on Mount Shasta, California.
South lateral morraine,
Coleman glacier, Mount Baker, Washington.
Mount Sill, California.
On Mount Agassiz, California.
East Buttress, Mount Whitney, California.
Erin, Mount Whitney.
Wales (behind) and Arctic lakes, Whitney region.
East into the Great Basin, Whitney summit.
Mount Langley (rear) from Whitney.
Crooks Peak, Keeler Needle, and Mount Whitney.
The rocky southern Sierras.

I set up my first saltwater aquarium when I was teenager. Here are a few pics of my current tank.
The tank in early 2007.
Euphyllia sp.
(frogspawn coral)
Corals: Sarcophyton sp., Discosoma sp., Euphyllia sp.
The smaller Sarcophyton corals (e.g., lower right) broke off of the large specimen (left).
Finger leather coral (Alcyonium sp.?), sailfin tang (Zebrasoma veliferum), yellow coris wrasse (Halichoeres chrysus).
Euphyllia sp., a long-polyped stony coral.
Amphiprion clownfish (male and female), Cladiella sp. (colt coral, left), Sarcophyton sp. (toadstool coral, center/right), and lots of Aiptasia sp. (sea anemones).
Aiptasia sp. anemones.
Rhinecanthus aculeatus, the Picasso triggerfish (left)
R. aculeatus and friend
Close-up of finger leather coral (Alcyonium sp.?).
More Aiptasia sp.

Colleen sporting her
favorite T-shirt.
Colleen, FS, Antony van Leeuwenhoek.
Summer at Fenway.
Church in Mamina, Chile.
Nitrate mines, ghost town of Humberstone, Chile.
Humberstone buildings.
Relics of another time.